Gatekeeper web service API

Base URL -

The Gatekeeper web service handles all authentication from incoming requests.

The following are the Use Cases for the Gatekeeper:

  • If the user submits only BASIC authentication credentials, a token will be generated and returned upon completion of the requested query.
  • If the user submits a token, the token will be used provided it does not exceed the time to live. In that event, a ServletException is thrown.
  • If no credentials or tokens are submitted, a token for special user public will be created and the remainder of the query will be done as public. The response will return a public token.

  • There is no explicit API for interacting with the Gatekeeper as a service. The requirement for all services is using a basic Authorization header. Once a cookie is received from a request, using that cookie instead of the Authorization header will result in being able to interact with all pasta services without transferring user authentication credentials until the cookie expires or the user determines it necessary to authenticate using alternative credentials.

    The following services can be used in conjunction with the Gatekeeper:

  • DataPackageManager @
  • GatekeeperTester @